Copying instanced foliage actor?

Hi there,

I have an instanced foliage actor in my map, its a small field of grass, I can’t seem to copy this as I want 2 fields in my game.

How would you do this?

You can’t copy the actor.
You edit the instances within.
Select all instances and duplicate them by alt drag maybe. It’s not a guarantee. You should probably use the paint tool for it.

Oh 'eck, that maybe a problem as the two field needs to be exactly the same, can anyone suggest a way to do this?

I need the same thing - two exactly same copies of the foliage in my level. Did you find a solution to that @Delta1 ?

unfortunately not

Lasso selecting and alt dragging worked the last time i had to duplicate a corn field…

Thanks for this!

Would you have any recommendations for low poly grass?

The model itself? Make a separate topic in rendering. Im sure many will give suggestions.

Off hand, make the initial model sculpted with no alpha. Make an LOD with alpha from it.
Depending on your level setup you may want several meshes, 10mx10m, 5mx5m, 1mx1m, and .5mx.5m to cover the areas with whatever takes less instances total.
You want to keep the lod0 model vert count to below 150 tris, which for low poly is actually a lot more than needed anyway…
For LOD3 I’d go with billboards, the transparency can be a problem though.

I’m really a beginner on the art side of things