Copying camera settings to another camera

Is there a way to simply copy/paste the camera “post process” attributes from one camera to another?
I don’t see neither a"preset" button neither a “copy/paste” button

(cant use post-processing volumes, that’s why I’m doing it that way)

Having different Post-Process profiles would be a wonderful convenience for us all here :P.

I’m not aware of any way to do this as a simple copy/paste operation from within the Editor. The only thing I can think to suggest would be to create multiple Camera Blueprint Classes, and then set the default values on them to whatever you wish. Each class you create here will effectively be a different “Profile” allowing you to create however many instances of each “Profile” Camera Object. Then simply changing the values on the Blueprint will apply to all instances of that class you have in your levels. Hope this helps.

So aside from blueprint, the only option would be the post-processing volume?

I believe so unfortunately. With different Post-Process Volumes you could set them up as you want, and then just copy and paste the different volumes.

It would be nice to have at least the feature of pasting props to same objects. A subtree merging would be better.