Copy current animation to another mesh


Is there any node to copy current animation (current bone positions and rotations) from one skeletal mesh to another? Both mesh are using same skeleton.

I know about node “Set master pose component” but it will copy positions over time, but i need to copy it only once.

The actual thing we want to do is dismemberment system and it should look something like this:

  1. We have characters created from pieces (all uses same skeleton and using “Set master pose component” play together)

  2. On dismemberment we remove some piece and all pieces down by hierarchy from character and spawn them at same position (attaching parts down by hierarchy to the upper dismembered part using “Set master pose component”)

  3. (This Question) Copy to new spawned part animation from character so they have same position and rotation with removed parts from p.2

  4. Set simulating physics to newly spawned parts so they nicely fall on the ground

Maybe we are doing whole dismemberment system wrong? In that case any guidance will be appreciated too…

hi~ VovanSK

i hope this documents clould help you.

good luck :slight_smile: