Cooking DerivedDataCache is very slow

I try to cook and package Game from template (nothing changes, just created new project from C++ template). Everything is well until I get this:

LogDerivedDataCache:warning: ../../../Engine/DerivedDataCache is very slow (0.03MB/s) when accessing ../../../Engine/DerivedDataCache/3/9/6/MATSM_4F0644619F9C48FF91E0D494C95EB050_PCD3D_SM5_5__BC5N_DEV_SL_SO_NODBUF_FLOW__AB0726BF748884569A36F2DCC3DA7C6E5E2615EB.udd, c
onsider disabling it.

Then it hangs for eternity at this stage and refuse to go anywhere.

How do I disabled DDC for cooking then (as the log suggest) ?


Just checked launcher version and cooking works fine on it.

Hello iniside,

When it comes to the Master branch, you can expect some odd things like this. Have you tried using 4.11 source to see if the same problem occurs there or if it’s only occurring in Master?

Hello iniside,

It seems as though Doug is helping you with this issue over at another post in the Bug Reports section. So that we can keep all of the information in the same place and not waste any resources, it would be best to move to that post. As such, I’ll be closing this question as a duplicate.

Link to other post: [Bug] Cooking, DerivedDataCache is very slow - Platform & Builds - Epic Developer Community Forums

Have a nice day!