Cooked build crashes on startup. - Assertion failed

Hi, I have got my project built but it is immediately crashing on launch? Is there a way that I can fix this issue?

The error message says the following: “Assertion failed: RecursionNotAllowed.Increment() == 1 [File:D\Build++UE4\Sync\Engine\Source\Runtime\CoreUObject\Private\Serialization\AsyncLoading.cpp] [Line:4410]”

Any help would be great. Thanks

I’m having the same issue.

What you should do is attach Visual Studio debugger to the cooked build before/as it starts up. Typically you could just go to debug and attach to process but the process isn’t around long enough so instead what you should do is right click on your project in visual studio → go to properties then go to debugging → Pick a configuration in the upper left that you don’t use for the editor (such as plain “development” or plain “shipping”). → In debugging under command put in the exact path to your cooked build exe in the binaries folder → go to the NMake tab on the left and remove the Build Command line completely. Lastly hit okay to apply the changes and start the local windows debugger.

This will then launch the cooked build with debugging attached and when you crash you will crash like you would in editor. This allows for you to then investigate and see what asset is attempting to be loaded. After you know the asset you can poke it a bit, make sure it’s not corrupt, reimport it, etc.

I am having the same problem too, did anyone fix this yet?