Cook errors with 4.22 (and possibly related Wwise plugin issue)

Since bringing in the 4.22 engine drop and updating the Wwise plugin, we’re unable to cook our project. While the code does compile and cooking does seem to work at first, albeit very slowly, the cook fails at random points, sometimes while building shaders, and sometimes simply reporting a stack overflow.

Our engineer in charge of applying the engine updates is able to compile and run the editor, even after cleaning his workspace, but our build agents aren’t able to run the editor itself. Our cook command is typically done via command line (calling RunUAT.bat), but before the engine drop we could at least run the editor when needed on the build agents. When running, the Wwise plugin throws an exception when trying to call

auto& TargetPlatforms = ProjectManager.GetCurrentProject()->TargetPlatforms;

which is returning null.

These may be two unrelated issues, but we’d like to know if anyone else has run into problems at all with either cooking or running the editor since the 4.22 update?

(Note, we did also grab the 4.22.1 hotfix once it was released, but it didn’t help at all with these particular issues.)

We’ve updated our Visual Studio build tools, updated Incredibuild, and made sure all the prerequisites have been installed. Any help or insight into this problem would be greatly appreciated.

Following up, it looks like ProjectManager.GetCurrentProject() is returning null when just launching the editor (no command line arg specifying project). Since there’s no project selected at that point, this makes sense. Seems like it’s a code blunder on the part of Wwise. Testing to see if fixing this fixes our cook issue as well.

After updating the NVidia display drivers on our build machine and adding more memory (stepped up from 16GB to 32GB), we seem to have resolved this particular issue. The Wwise issue didn’t seem to be at the root of our cook problems, but it didn’t help to not be able to launch the editor without specifying the project in the command line.

However, an issue we’re still seeing is that our clean compile/cook times have gone from 2-3 hours to 8-9 hours. This will cause problems, of course, but at least it seems to work.

Having this problem too, currently using 4.22.3. Logs from cooking reported no errors and no warnings, but it did crash (stack overflowed) just before exiting, causing the cooking process to see that as a cook failure. Now I can’t cook and package my project.