Cook Error : Filename too long

Hey so I am trying to package my game and I am getting cooking errors because the filename is too long. However, this is not my file so there is no way for me to change the filename without messing up other internal things. Here it is below:

UATHelper: Cooking (Windows): UE4Editor-Cmd: [2017.02.11-22.06.56:710][ 0]CookResults:Error: Error Couldn’t save package, filename is too long: C:/Users/c.fields/Documents/DarkShotVR/Engine/Content/Functions/Engine_MaterialFunctions02/ExampleContent/PivotP
UATHelper: Cooking (Windows): UE4Editor-Cmd: [2017.02.11-22.06.56:711][ 0]LogCook:Error: Couldn’t save package, filename is too long :C:/Users/c.fields/Documents/DarkShotVR/Engine/Content/Functions/Engine_MaterialFunctions02/ExampleContent/PivotPainter2/SimplePivotPainterExample_rgb_XVector_a_XExtentDividedby2048reaches2048_UV_2


From what I can see, your character count isn’t too long - it’s at the most 225 characters out of 256. Please delete your Intermediate and Saved folders from your project and try again. Please upload the full error output log when you try and package again.

Thank you!

Filename too long is why I create projects in the C:\ .

Do you have a log you could provide?

So I actually just deleted the folder to fix the error. If it’s marked as sample content thenthere’s no reason it should even be considered for cooking and packaging on my game.

You should try out Long Path Tool. I had the same problem, but this solved them all! :smiley:

How it can be solved using Long Path tool ? I have this error on many assets on my project renaming is a tedious task and leads to some naming convention issues in my project, please let me know how it can be done without renaming or deleting .Thanks