Converting Third Person Template

Hey guys, I have been playing around with various player controllers and altering them for different feel and functionality. I have been playing with first person controllers and found it really simple to adjust it so that while moving forward, if the player looked around with the HMD it would orient the controller in that forward vector (Only <-> Horizontally). You would look and keep moving in that direction and it felt really nice, but additionally you could use the right stick for a full turn if your head rotation wasnt enough to make a turn.

I am trying to alter the 3rd person template now, I like using it because setting up Head IK is very simple, and I like looking down and seeing the body. However this controller seems to behave a lot different control wise and I am finding it difficult to have the HMD forward vector control the turn of the entire controller. I have tried various things in blueprint to cause the orientation to turn with the hmd but it is not. Could anyone clue me into how to change the 3rd person characters forward vector with the hmd?

Please let me know if anything is unclear.