COnverting content from UDK to UE4

so as the title says…i am trying to convert all of my UDK content to UE4, I was able to get the Materials using Speedy37’s plugin, the meshes, textures, and sound waves using Gildors program, and the map info using Matt3D’s T3D Converter.

but none of these is able to convert Particle Systems, or Sound Cues, and I was wondering if somebody here knows a way to convert them that doesnt include having to rebuild them from scratch…as i have over 200 particle systems and over 450 sound cues (which would take a better part of a month or 2). Im trying to save some time here so if anybody knows a way that would be great. thanks

sound cues -> you can just export the sound files + import them into the ue4
particles -> you will somehow have to write your own program that can convert them to ue4, because atm you can just use the textures from the particle system :slight_smile:

well i can understand the particle systems…but i cant export the sound cues…i was able to export the sound waves that the sound cues were made from but i was just hoping there was a way to get them moved over without having to rebuild them