Convert to VR??

I made a game for PC (its a racing game) and I want to put it on my VR headset. Is it possible to quickly change the settings to be built for the Quest 2? And if so is it the same steps i take using the UE4 starter content VR builds? I hope this question makes sense. If not please let me know!
Thanks in advance.

It would be fairly easy to set the camera to “lock to HMD,” enable the relevant plugins, and compile for the relevant platform (although you may need to think about how you want to implement menus and such). If you want to use the motion controllers as traditional game controllers that would only take a few minutes of tinkering. If you want to use the motion controllers like hands and interact with your car’s virtual controls naturally, that is a project that will take some time but is absolutely doable at a low-moderate skill level.

You may need to tune your graphics to run more smoothly in VR, especially if you are planning to use your Quest 2 in standalone mode. Look at reducing material complexity, lights, shadows, post processing, mesh LODs, number of meshes, and view distance. This is less of an issue if you’re planning to use it in tethered mode, but will probably still be an important consideration if the graphics for your original game were meant for a high performance gaming computer.