Convert Gloss to Roughness [maps]

At the beginning I want to say hello everyone :slight_smile:

I have a problem with converting Gloss to Roughnes map in my Master Material. As you know, not every material has Roughness map. Instead it has Gloss map. So when I’m try to convert I’m using “1-x” parameter. But optionaly I want to choose whitch one (Gloss or Roughness map) will be used, so I’m adding Static Switch Parameter, but to me it doesn’t work correctly. Moreover I think it work in opposite direction. Here is screenshot:


Thank you for helpful advice.

This works, what’s the problem?

The problem is when switch is OFF the Gloss/Roughness Level parameter seems doesn’t work as it should. If it’s not a problem, check my material from the link please.…ew?usp=sharing

Yeah, you’ve just got WAY to much stuff going on, and that’s a bad image to test it with. When you invert the gloss the only glossy part is in the letters, and you can’t see that.

I changed the basic texture, disconnected everything except albedo and roughness and I get this:

You can see in one the U is glossy, in the other, the black.

I think you have to prioritize what you want from the material. If glossyness or roughness is important to you, you wouldn’t be trying to to make specular happen etc.

You’re right. Thanks for help.