Convert Float3 to Texture2D?

Hi all, pretty nooby question here I’m sure, I’m wanting to convert a Float 3 to a Texture2D node. Here’s my current material setup:

I am trying to have a scalar parameter control the intensity of my normal map, and then use that map as a tiling normal map for detail normal maps. However, the DetailTexturing node that I am using won’t accept floats, it only accepts Texture Objects, so I am wondering if there is a way to convert a Float to a Texture Object (and vice versa for future reference).


That won’t work that way. You need to use a texture object inside of the material functions. You can plug in the output of that into the stuff you got above. Alternatively, your MF seems to have a “NormalIntensity” input at the bottom. Why not plug your nodes in there?

Here’s what my material setup is currently doing for the normal map

I am using two masks (RGB/RGB) to drive the areas where the detail will appear on the head. I am hoping for finer control within the engine to scale each detail normal map individually, as well as to increase/decrease its intensity. The normal map is generated from scan data, which when converted to a normal map doesn’t maintain the same amount of normal intensity between all (current) 5 regions of the face, so having that control is what I’m after to balance out all of the maps.

I haven’t used a material function yet, so this is… probably wrong lol:

That doesn’t work when I dump that material function into my original graph above, so what exactly do I do here?

Drop all the top normal intensity stuff, take your NormalIntensity parameter, multiply it by the green channel of your top mask texture and plug it into the result of the DetailTexturing NormalIntensity. Then use your normal as a texture object.

Oh man, that’s way more straight forward than what I was doing. Thanks!