Controlling actor transparency via blueprint

So I have a blueprint that spawns some actors, and then after a delay destroys those actors. As it is now, the actor/mesh blinks into existence and then blinks away in an instant. I would like them to fade in and out of view via some kind of transparency control.

I could manage this by making a material parameter, and then assign that to the material’s transparency channel and control it via blueprint- but I’m wondering if there is a simpler method. Is there any kind of blueprint function that can control a whole actor’s visibility in this way (not just it’s materials)? As far as I’m aware “set actor visibility” can only be set to 0 or 1, but I need a smooth transition between the two.

Thanks for your time.

There is no node capable of doing that, the opacity as far as i know has to be handled by materials.

Thanks, kind of figured that might be the case.