Controllers Not Working for Packaged Game using Steam VR (Vive/Index/Oculus)


The solution for this is actually in the answer hub but it seems to be down for the last week, so apologies for double posting it here.

I have published a VR game on Steam for closed testing. The game is packaged using Steam VR only.

Everything works on my end (Oculus Rift S) however other players are not able to get their controllers working (even with Rift).

Specifically, they have head tracking, but their controllers are on the floor, just touching each other, palm to palm.

I have followed the Steam VR quick start as well as the Steam VR input guide:…art/index.html…put/index.html

Any guidance would be much appreciated,

Thank you.

… check this: 4.24 Vive controller not showing up after packaging. - VR and AR Development - Unreal Engine Forums