Controllers Grab In Editor But Not In Packaged Game

Hi all,

I’m trying to get this game out before Christmas but the only obstacle I’m facing is that the motion controllers have full functionality in the editor, but once I package the game and run the .exe, grabbing objects doesn’t work.

It will detect both controllers and I can restart the level clicking the right side of the right touchpad, but the grab command will not work. So far I have remapped the grab to 2 more action mappings (including left side of the right touchpad) and none of those work. I was going to edit the Steam VR controller bindings, but that all looks spot on.

Any ideas?? That deadline’s approaching real quick and this is the only thing stopping me from meeting it.

Nevermind, the SteamVR bindings seemed to be set properly but on deleting and recreating the EXACT same thing, it works now. So apparently with SteamVR open and working in UE4 the UE4 bindings take precedence, but a packaged game from UE4, as well as the steam version, run their own processes, so Steam needs special bindings for them.