Controller for Changing Data

I am working on a Unreal Engine 4 UI Project.

This is how I did set up my files inside engine.

There’s a UI with various fields in it.

  • Name
  • Position
  • DOB
  • Physical Stats
  • Caps

I did create a Database in Localhost with required fields in it.

I created a php file with sql query inside it which sorts Details for Player based on ‘id’

This is how my SQL query looks like : "SELECT * FROM sampletable3 WHERE id='3'";
This ‘id’ controls which player row will be selected to display in UI.

This PHP file is sent inside UE4 via vaREST plugin where I am separating all the data based on Array Delimiter and sending required Index of Array to the required fields of UI.

Everything mentioned above is working as they should.

Problem :

I want to create a Controller (External Application) which Controls the ‘id’ field in my SQL query which in turn will change the row selected in SQL query and thus , changing data in UE4 UI.

I am literally lost here on how to proceed from there and what to even try. I dont know where post this query to StackOverflow or UE4 Answerhub. but I am posting it here anyway.

Any help is appreciated.