Controller buttons have no effect in VR Edit mode - when using "SteamVR Input for Unreal"

Hi, this page talks about activating VR Mode. I’ve done that and within the headset see my two controllers - a red one and a blue one. The red one has a laser. The blue doesn’t.

This page talks about using the controllers. When I press the buttons nothing happens (excerpt the home button near the green led).

I’m using 4.22.3.

Disabling the “SteamVR Input plugin for Unreal” got the controls to work again. Have you experienced this? It’s new to me, what’s the best way?



Hi Michael,

Did you find a way to fix this at all? I’m having the same issue on 4.24.2 - I’m currently updating in the hopes that it fixes it but not expecting it to do so since you’re having the issue too :slight_smile:

I made a new VR template project and that works fine. But my own project doesn’t - there’s just no input from the controllers at all in VR mode. In game is fine. I migrated it in to the VR template project and it worked as expected for some time but at some point has just stopped working again.

Seems very difficult to find much information on what’s going on with the VR mode :frowning:


Hey Dan,

My understanding is the plugin was merged into another in 4.24, and there was a bug about it in 4.24.2.

My project is a 4.17 and a bit all over the road at the moment. I think my options are upgrade to 4.23 w/ the plugin, or 4.24.3