Controller Autorun Speed Exploit with Vehicles

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When the controller setting “accelerate vehicle with thumbstick” is enabled, vehicles can gain extra speed when turning with the controller thumbstick. This exploit can be done with almost any vehicle, but can be noticed the most with the Sports Car when it is affected by a movement modulator set to 2.0 speed or higher.
Most people wouldn’t find this a problem, but I host competitive races in Creative and UEFN, and having controller players have a competitive speed advantage over keyboard and mouse players is a big issue. I have to tell people to not use the “autorun” speed exploit to keep it fair, but its is hard to enforce because I can not see peoples screen to see if they trying to hide the fact they are using it or if they won fair and square.

Steps to Reproduce

Place a Sports Car spawner (Or other vehicle), place down a movement modulator and set it to 2.0 or higher, and use a controller with the accelerate with thumbstick option enabled, and you will see the vehicle gain extra speed when turning with the thumbstick.

Expected Result

Using controller autorun should not give the vehicle extra speed when turning

Observed Result

Players using controller autorun and acceleration with thumbstick have a speed advantage over people who do not use controller



Additional Notes

If someone from epic could make sure this exploit is noted and set to be fixed eventually that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this post.

The status of FORT-756879 incident has been moved from ‘To Do’ to ‘In Progress’.

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