Controll spawing of pawns [C++]


What functions should be override to take control over the following scenarios:

  1. Choose whether a player will spawn as Spectator Pawn or Player Pawn.
  2. When a player die, how can I control when and where that player should respawn.
  3. Swap players from spectating mode to playing mode and vice verse.

AGameMode everything that contros game rules should be there.

So far I’m with you. The problem is that I can’t find an overview that describes how the system work, e.g. going through the code path from the moment a player joins until he spawns. Where and what is it that determine if a joining player will be a spectator or not, and so on…

Well i don’t know what kind of game you want to do, but that what you got API reference for :slight_smile:

Also you could use APlayerController (which exist for each player and possesses the pawns) to deal with respawning, i kind of think thats might more proper way, but swaing between spectator and playing should be done in AGameMode which shold controls the teams

So in summery

Game rules, game mode stuff related to AGameMode and player realted to APlayerController

Okay, I think I got a better understanding now. Thank you!