Controling a Substance graph instance into sequencer is possible?

Hello, before all sorry for my english, not my native language but I try to do my best to be understandable, thanks.

So, it’s been a few days now that I try to found a way to control a Substance Graph Instance (from the Substance Designer plugin) into the sequencer like a regular material instance in order to be keyframed, sadly I’ve found absolutely nothing covering this subject.

I’ve found how to edit the Substance graph instance in runtime with Blueprint by using event and input but since I do not making game but simply a real time cinematics (not a game game cinematics, just 100% filmaking purpose), it’s only the possibility to keyframe it into the sequencer that I need.


EDIT: Ok so after some trial and error, I managed to be able to call the substance instance into the sequencer by using an edited pipeline for a dynamic substance material BP, but I still have an issue, if the value take well effect in realtime on the material if I touch the value in the BP, it has sadly no effect when edited into the sequencer.

EDIT 2: Ok so after more search, what i ask was this……le-not-fo.html
Sadly still no result, the construction script is well set on “run on sequencer” but nothing, but the realy weird thing is that the substance instance graph is well edited in real time if the value are edited directly with the slider set into the BP, it even update the value called into the sequencer, but the opposite (editing the value in the sequencer to update the one in the BP and so in real time) doesn’t work at all, it’s the only thing I need :confused:

EDIT 3: the solution was dumb, I’ve simply forget to check the box “rerun construction script” into the playback option of the sequencer, so yeah you can keyframe every parameter of a Substance material.

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hey man, im trying to achieve the same thing would you mind telling me how you did it? i cant find any articles or videos on this issue except your post