Control Rig not working on android mobile

I have set up un pawn with a skeletal mesh and a control rig, with a controller that drive my controls for the hands an feet of a character. It works well in the mobile viewport preview, but doesn’t when i launch it on my android phone. It seems that the “Add Mapped Skeletal Mesh” in the “On Pre Initialize (ControlRig)” doesnt work… Anyone has an idea ?
Thank you very much


Can you describe the problem? What happens?

I encountered a Control Rig issue on Android build w/ 4.27, where if I didn’t utilize the Setup Event, and relied on the initial positions of the controls set via the Viewport, my rig would collapse.

The trick/hack (in 4.27), if you want to use control positions placed manually via the viewport, was to set the initial position of the controls in the Setup Event by Get Transform of the controls, then feeding this transform right back into the control via Set Transform.

Again, without knowing your symptoms… I’m just shooting in the dark here… but an excuse for me to share, as this thread is the only Control Rig / Android related issue post I’ve come across while looking for solutions to my own problem.


I have the same problem now.

After packing it into an Android phone, my control rig didn’t work at all.

Have you solved the problem now?

If you clear the post-processing animation blueprint under the mesh, then whenever in the PC viewport or in the mobile viewport ,it doesn`t work too.

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I make a Control rig or CR which can do basic foot IK, it works fine on PC simulating, but when install into android mobile device, it cant work, I dont know I should post which part of my blueprint, they just prety basic and meanwhile can work on PC, I dont think BP or CR itself have any major problem. It should be some setting problem or sth else.
If you need any part of my projection’s detail, just let me know
thanks in advance