Control blueprint variable from sequencer

So I downloaded the Geographically Correct Sun blueprint as I’m doing an architectural animation and the client wants to see times that are reasonably accurate for the time of year.

I have all of my cameras set up in sequencer but each of them require slightly different times of day. Currently I’m manually adjusting the time per shot but was wondering if there was a way to load the blueprint object as a track in sequencer so that I can keyframe the time variables. At the moment all I get is the position of the blueprint object to keyframe.

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Nevermind! Solved my own problem. Find the Variable in the blueprint and hit “expose to cinematic”



Hello DBOX_Sam

I use that “expose to cinematic” so I’ve got the “Hour” track, but keying it doesn’t affect/update my sequence…
Any ideas for me?
Does it work for you ?

You’ll need to call the “update sun” event in the blueprint when you update your variable. otherwise updating the variable won’t do anything.

Apparently that’s a bit beyond my noob state. Is that the “Update Sun” node in the Construction Script? I did this (see pic), not really having any idea what I’m doing. I have the Hours variable exposed to the sequencer, but nothing happens when sequencer plays across those keys… Thanks for any help.


I had actually posted my answer a bit prematurely as this didn’t work in the end but I’m not sure how to change the post back to “un-solved”. I think I had an idea for a workaround but haven’t managed to test it yet.
This video might help: Sun Position Driven by UI | Tips & Tricks | Unreal Engine - YouTube

Any updates on this, I have same issue. BP is working but when exposed to Sequencer it dones not show change in it.

You need to do two thing to make variable to work in sequencer i.e

  1. Expose to cinematics (In Variable Details)
  2. Run construction script in sequencer (In Class Settings)



It it works, An upvote will make this solution easily accessible in search

Do you how long I’ve been searching for this… thank you!