[CONTRACT/PAID] Experienced 3D artist available for work (sculpting, modeling, texturing, animation)

Hi, my name is **Larry **Hlistoff, and I’m a skilled 3D artist. I’m located in Melbourne, Australia, and I’m looking for a remote freelance position.

I have **7 years of experience **working as a 3D artist.

I’m skilled in low-poly modeling(Modo), **sculpting **(ZBrush), **texturing **(Substance Painter), **rigging **and **animation **(Maya). I’m also skilled in **2D UI design **(Photoshop).


My resume:

Selected works from my portfolio:

More works ArtStation - Larry Hlistoff

If interested, contact me at [EMAIL=“”] wingman man games is from AUS Melbourne there looking for 3D artists to work in the studio.

I’ve sent you an email.

Thanks for your offer! Unfortunately I’m currently only looking for remote jobs - I prefer working from the comfort of my own home. :wink:

your in the same city ? I mean i could of understood it if you was in another city or not in AUS.

Are you willing to work in studio (South Melbourne)? We’re only after people who will work from our studio.

I might be able to come over once in a while (maybe once every two weeks), but most of the time I will be working from home.

Unfortunately we’re only looking for people willing to work full time in studio. Thanks anyway.

It’s his LFW thread? Maybe you got confused…

:slight_smile: ahh, that explains it. Sorry for the confusion.

add me on skype:zaikonixx

How much animation experience do you have?

Hello Hlistoff,

We actually have some remote work. What is your Skype address

Sounds good - I may have some work for you. I’ll drop you an email.

Hello, we are looking UE4 3D artists…for-3d-display if you interesting, please ping me.

I’m available for new projects