[CONTRACT][PAID] Destructible Rock-Like Monsters

Take a look at the video of the monster we have so far to get an idea of the aesthetic:

What I’m going for is something like the monsters in Evangelion or Shadow of Colossus - just ancient looking and somewhat mystical/mysterious.

I’m looking to add more variety and just more enemies to fill the map so to speak. They don’t have to be as large as the one in the video, but they need to simulate physics and be optimized for multiplayer and VR. It should be capable of pathfinding and reacting to attacks/players. If walking, it should be able to walk/jump on top of static meshes (as we have a lot of rocks and broken up terrain, floating islands, etc).

Please send an email to with a price, example of work, and suggestion for what you have in mind if interested. I will not respond if the email is generic and doesn’t answer these.

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I appreciate what you are developing here. I’m developing destructible Kaiju monsters for my game using ‘high density modularity’. Its basically lots of small mesh pieces attached to a skeletal mesh that can be blown apart on collision.

That’s along the lines of what I’m looking for (the example in the video also has its limbs etc attached as separate meshes/actors). Let me know if that’s something you’d be willing to share or license.

My apologies, I failed to put a link to my game with vids and more info. I’m using OSMIUM: Layer-based Static Mesh Instancing Composite | currently in development for anyone to License in the Marketplace. But, if you’re interested in a special Developers Early Adopters License, discuss in the discord.

Here’s the system at work…

I’m also using the system for weapons, character armor, architecture, and foliage procedural generation.