Continous drop in fps due to blueprint call count

I made a fps game which has just a test level and a character.
When i play the game there are 120 frames per second , but eventually the frames drop to 12-20fps , even if i do nothing.
I did a profiler test and found that the blueprint time call count is increasing from 0 to 3000 and more in a minute.
I guess that is causing the problem , but i dont know what it is.
Pl can anyone help me out.

Hard to guess without seeing anything, but one of the newbie mistakes is misusage of event tick. Are you creating anything(widget, actor, etc.) with Event Tick?

Yeah i am updating my bulletcount ui widget with tick. But it just gets bullet count and displays it on screen.
Is that a problem with tick?

When doing that display thing, are you by chance “creating” instances of the widget in an attempt to reference it or something like that?

Hey @Jacky . Thanks for your reply…when i removed showind ui widget the problem is gone…but how will i display the bullets left on the screen…is there any other method?

You need to create the widget only once and get a reference of it there. Then you can set any variable you have in that widget with event tick(then again, it would be better to update the variables only when they change, i.e. when you fire a bullet set the bullet variable in the widget)

In this example i’m creating the widget with begin play and getting it’s reference by promoting the return value to a variable. And then i’m calling the variable and updating it with event tick.

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Ok thanks… That really helped. I tried updating the variables in c++ instead and it worked .
Thanks again