Context window flickers when right clicking!

Hell yeah!

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That seems like the issue. Because in my primary monitor there is no such issue but if I drag UE Editor to my secondary monitor, the error reappears

I have stopped using UE4 with fullscreen and the problem is no longer occuring. It’s actually not an actual fix of that bug, only reerting back to some previous driver seems to really fix it, but it is a good surrogate solution. You can enlarge the window mode so that it looks like fullscreen.

Edit: it still happens, but just kinda prolongs the time until it happens.

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i have the same issue and here is the permanent solution,
i just switchfrom the hdmi cable to DP (display port) cable and the issue is gone so far
or may be you can change your monitor if this dosnt work, That would definattely work
you have to try this once :blush:

Here seems to be the best solution, provided from Nvidia themselves.

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In single screen mode this works but applying full screen again makes the whole screen go black… This is total BS…

I have Uninstalled → Installed → Reboot 7 driver versions on RTX 2070 SUPER from the newest 472.39 back to currently using 462.59 , the susal “Windows animations” and “Show small menu fonts” (?) is by default not set in any of the UE versions i have… still Flickering menu’s arrive after some 1,5 - 2 hours of editing in the editor. i didn’t have this in the beginning

I thought I was the only one that experienced this weird issue. It’s really annoying having to restart the editor every 30 min. or so! Using 4.26.2

Also having an RTX 2070 SUPER with a dual monitor setup with different resolutions (4k and 1440p). And minimizing the UE4 window also leads to everything going black for me. The Unreal Editor is the only application I had this issue so far.

Hi, I just want to add myself to the list of people having this issue. I don’t develop in Unreal itself, but I use Core in which is made with Unreal. In the Core Editor when creating games, I run into this same problem every 30 minutes or so. I had already talked with the dev over there about this problem and seems stumped as much as I am with this. Specially since with all of the other people creating on Core, I’m the first to report this same problem over there. I gave the dev my Core platform logs and didn’t see anything wrong. I tried 4 different types of video capturing software and couldn’t capture the problem to prove my issue. The Debut video capturing software did the same as the person above where it would capture the context menus with no problem where as I can not see them. I’ve also tried different older nvidia drivers and it still didn’t work. I have a 2080 RTX Super, btw. Also, I do not have a multi monitor setup.

Seeing this forum post at least makes me feel not alone. It’s a shame though, I really enjoy using Core.

It’s an engine issue with the latest launcher build.
Doesn’t happen when building from source or using other versions.

For you, using whatever it is, there is probably no “solution” until they update the editor again.

assuming your issue is the same as my issue:
The drop downs move and flicker between different screen height locations.

Fairly sure this topic was not about this specific issue initially - just menus not showing up at all or disappearing entirely due to faulty drivers…

Can’t be the drivers if a custom build or an older build works well…

Thank you you saved me. I was having the same problem with you guys and I’ve just fixed it using this method. Good luck

Im amazed there’s no solution to this.
i can’t work for more than 20m without this happening. =/
i was baffled cause it’s a really weird issue, i was streaming on Discord, and my friend saw everything normal, no flicker, no black windows. just normal.
i am running a dual monitor setup with different resolutions(2k(Display port) and 1080p(HDMI)) but in the past it was no issue, the only difference now is that i have the Index plugged in.
i tried the minimizing windows, and restoring. i tried everything and nothing.
My pc:
Intel i9 9900k
RTX 2070 Super
32 GB RAM Hyper X
running the Ue4 from a Samsung Evo 870 NVME

If I tell you that the only similarity is the Evo, are you going to blame it for this? XD

I did tell everyone. Build the engine from source.
Only thing that seems to fix it…

Its ■■■■ ! its slowing my work so much !!! I need to restart UE like every hour. UE4 is early access more than UE5 buggy ■■■■

Is there a solution to this…? This is really annoying having to restart the editor every 20 mins…

I don’t see any solution yet, its started to happen even more with latest update.

Build from source…

Can i just revert BP project to code ?

You have to build the editor from source. What the project is doesn’t really matter.
After you created the engine’s executable files you can (crash a lot :P) use it as you would use the engine’s official release.
It just so happens that the flickering of the windows isn’t present - at least in the .27 chaos branch I built of recent.