Content theft?

So few days ago I have stumbled upon a game on steam Welcome to Steam
I have tried asking the developer why he was using this demo as a full game. Infiltrator Demo in UE Legacy Samples - UE Marketplace
Instead of getting a reply I just got banned from their forums. They even used same trailer that was presented during GDC 2013. Can anyone explain if this kind of action is even legal? I have also reported it to steam, but I don’t think that they will do anything, because they take 30% of each game sold.

Edit: also they are organizing a tournament and the prize is 100k $. If they had that kind of money, they wouldn’t claim a free content as their own.

And of course every questionable remark on their project gets you banned, instead of getting an explanation from the dev. Seems legit

Hah, that’s kind of funny. I’d question the ethics more than the legality.

Ye, but atleast they could have used the original game name and make it f2p, otherwise making a profit out of it seems unfair towards unreal community, because everyone could have done this long time ago. And the funniest thing is that they will give out 100k $, I wonder how many “kiosks” they will have to rob before they get that kind of money. The main dev is Russian, I know their ethical standards are not very high (and no i’m not nazi, just Russians have a very bad reputation.)

Edit: in my opinion all the demos should be for personal use only, but now they are commercial.

Just emailed them this thread, I would like that this topic would be discussed with epic representatives, instead of talking in private. Really curious how everything is going to end.

It’s not illegal, you are allowed to use the content in that way if you really want to, if someone is foolish enough to pay for it then that’s their own fault.

People wouldn’t be foolish, if they knew the full story. I wouldn’t mind if someone took this demo and used some parts of it for their game(or used it for learning purposes), but now they are just releasing it as a “new game” with a new title. They are even using exactly the same trailer which was used at the convention some time ago. I still want to think that this is a theft. I would evaluate this situation differently if the new developer at least gave some information regarding the game (that it is using ue4, template was taken from ue4 marketplace, etc.) that way more people would be interested in creating their own game and they would know if they want to sponsor the developer by buying the game, but now they are kept in the dark.

Edit: and just look at the tournament reward, the dev clearly wants to scam people, you shouldn’t be okey with this, since they are using your content.

Moderators are not Epic staff, in-case you thought they might be :stuck_out_tongue: The way they are using the content is obviously misguiding, as well as how they banned you and the other guy after commenting.

This topic is actually over.

You cant fight back on greenlight. The system is very broken and you are fighting people who gave out 99 bucks just to scam and harass people.
People try since years to fix greenlight… All your comments will get removed and in a highly case you will get sued. Deformation of the truth and stuff…

Theres only ONE single thing you can do: Tell JimSterling
Make sure to tell him on twitter.

Oh thanks for clearing this up about the mods :D. Well I just wanted to share with the community what is happening. I don’t think that I can change anything, steam doesn’t care. Only epic games might do something regarding this matter, but I think they don’t really care what is happening outside their community. All in all, I don’t have anything against epic, they are an awesome team that gave us an opportunity to use their engine, nevertheless it would be nice to see less copy-cats in the future and it’s a little bit sad that real devs put a lot of time in making this game that they even shared it for FREE(probably just for learning purposes)…

Some of the assets in their gameplay are from Crysis 2.

So they violated Crysis terms & conditions right? And what about ue? (I know that you cant use ue content for another engine, but not sure if you can use another engines content for ue) Is there anything more we could do now, since we know that they have some Crysis 2 content?

P.S. to be honest I just feel sorry for the real developers who made that demo and maybe that this " is just a scam, but if the community doesn’t care what is happening, then I will let this slide also.

hehe. they event used the shooter game map.
the things is that epic give this for free, and as free tu use so… the only persone who got stolen here is the player…

It’s in violation of UE4’s terms and conditions of use, and it’s copyright infringement of EA / Crytek’s assets. You could contact Crytek and inform them, but whether they take action or not is another question.

I already contacted crytek for that matter. But i think it will be fruitless… maybe these assets where in the free pack?

They’re probably part of the CryEngine SDK, but I’m willing to bet that neither case allows for them to be used in an Unreal Engine game.

Ok i took action and asked the crytek legal departement about that.
If we have proof i will contact Epic Legal departure so they can do something to, if needed.

I think the biggest issue would be false advertising, since they’re using high quality assets they didn’t create to give the idea that they have a good game

You mean aside from the ripped Crysis assets :p?

So @ambershee was too impatient probably and created a thread :D. If anyone is interested LOKA - League of keepers Allysium General Discussions :: Steam Community.
But maybe it’s too soon to make accusations, while we are still waiting for the confirmation. I don’t have enough experience to deal with this kind of stuff, so it’s nice to see that other people are showing some interest.


Dev says that any irrelevant content will be deleted, but ambershee posted their stolen trailer, which is probably not related to LOKA according to the dev. So basically they should remove the game trailer. But we all know that he will remove every negative comment.

Lol, they banned me as well, and removed Ambershee’s thread…