Content Management (and apps or "plugins") inside Virtual Reality


I build an open source platform called “The Ball”. It is kind of flexible hybrid; designed to use responsive web-UIs as “universal UI”. It runs on web-stack (obviously), but also within devices - taking advantage of Xamarin mobile stack.

Now within VR, I was really excited about exploring the opportunities (thanks to BLUI!) and I built a demo what Content Management or generic (or universal) app platform might look like within VR world:
[video]- YouTube

My ultimate vision about it is, that the app interface / building should be as easy as modern web app building. And having skills to build web apps would be sufficient to build “apps within VR”. The “apps” can be also of course WITHIN a game or other main VR-driving app - obviously; kind of “plug-ins” but within VR.

I started this thread to hear about general interest of taking things further; experiences and feedback of what people (who have access to VR) find usable and useful.

So shoot me down or let me know if there is any idea to take this kind of thing further :slight_smile: