Content development on MacOSX, or windows only ?

I’ve skimmed through the docs and did not really find an answer.
Short and sweet : Is it possible to develop content for the Gear VR on Mac, or will I need to buy a windows machine to run some of the Oculus software / signature files?

Is there any place in the docs that lists these hardware specs?

edit : found this , but it’s for Unity only (states that dev works on MacOsx too) :

You should be able to do Gear VR on Mac fine. You will not be able to do Rift on a Mac, though.

I have a client that only has an apple computer. I work under windows. How should I go about having him install my Gear VR app? The only solution I have insofar is asking him to access a windows PC, install drivers for his phone, have him follow the many steps required to get the his Device ID which I’ll then use to generate the relevant osig file that I’ll replace mine with and then run the .bat file to install the app on his phone. This is a bit of a stretch, and installing a mac OS is something I’d rather avoid and wouldn’t save that many steps.

Or he can sideload your Gear VR app on his phone using Sideload VR :slight_smile:

Kies supports Mac and has USB driver for OSX bundled, afaik. So, yeah, it’s a hassle for someone who doesn’t want to mess with adb to get device ID. Oculus should be the one to address this with.

You can have multiple osig files in the same APK, but you will at minimum need his device ID to generate it. The Mac does not need ADB drivers, it just needs the SDK installed to get ADB.

If you package the OBB in APK then you can just copy the APK to the sdcard and install with a file manager.