Content Browser Thumbnails are VERY DARK (How to fix?)

I don’t know where to put this and I’ve asked about this topic before. Now I’m using 4.16 again with the Forward Renderer.

Essentially, all thumbnails turn near black making it impossible to get a visual on the object without opening it up. I think this is an issue connected to the forward renderer but after 3 versions, I’m surprised this workflow issue remains.

How do I fix my content browser thumbnails so I can actually see them, instead of a super dark version (they aren’t black, the objects / materials are there - just incredibly dark).

Please help with this insanely frustrating issue!

I would love to know too. Makes it pretty hard to kitbash :’(

I’m surprised this issue flies so under the radar; it’s a massive workflow hindrance yet I can’t seem to find much about the issue anywhere.

(I know this thread is extremely old, but I want this to be noted for future creators)

What worked for me is to “validate assets” within the content folder.

If you haven’t already, expand the browser to also show the file structure on the left (button under the green “Add New” button) then right-click the main “Content” folder at the top of the browser, then select “Validate Assets in Folder”.
This process will check everything within that file structure. After the check is done, the shaders will recompile.