Construction script: Is it possible to create an instance of Texture2D or aa RenderTarget2D dynamically?

My BP has a variable of type RenderTarget2D and anoterh of type Texture2D. I DO NOT want to set them to default values. Instead I want to create those in memory at initialization phase. The idea is I waant ot manipulate the Texture2D and RenderTarget manually per instance of the Blueprint. So I cannot point them to existing assets in content browser.

What I want to achieve:
My blueprints has a SceneCapture2D component. This should render its output onto a RenderTarget, whcih will be used later on. I know I can create a rendertarget in content browser and put it as target for SceneCapture component. But the problem is I will have more than 1 instance of this BP and they will overwrite the RenderTarget. I need 1 render target per BP. So that is why I created a variable of type RenderTraget2D within the blue print. My aim was to instantiate it within construction script. But I dont know how

Is there a way to achieve it?

Any alternate methods are also apreciated.

Youre on the right track though construction script is the way to have things changeable during level or layout design.

Ok so quick step through this process.

  1. drag your scenecapture or any component in to the construction script and click on GET.
  2. drag off that node and for this example start typing SET and then select Set TextureTarget
  3. right click on the drop down in the texture target and choose promote to variable
  4. at this point you should have a variable of the right type which you can name whatever you like then CHECK the box that says EDITABLE.

now if you drag this into your level you will see in its detail panel a way to change it value and if you have more than just one each one can have a different value.

Thanks mate!

I did not notice the promote to varible option

UPDATE: There is still one problem. I still have to chose a value for this rendertarget resoucre from the Content Browser. What I need is to create it in memory and keep it there instead of accessing physical resource. - I guess that is not possible then.

Ok you can in the initial blueprint set the DEFAULT value to the YOURVARIABLE that will always be there and if need to you can still change it in the level design without having to change the blueprint

I wan to save RenderTarget2D instance with picture from SceneCapture2D, so I can use it for material in UMG and have different Brushes. Answer pleas!

here is the way doing it dynamically: