Constraint reference frame issues

Hey guys,

I have encountered some weird behavior of constraint component. I’m doing something like this in PostInitializeComponent of an actor owning the constraint:

Constraint->ConstraintInstance.SetRefFrame(EConstraintFrame::Frame2, ReferenceFrameTransform);

It works as long as it is called in PostInitializeComponent, but once i move it to PostEditChangeProperty - it doesn’t work. It does reach the point to be called, it is getting called, but it just doesn’t do anything.

It has been present in all previous version of the engine as well, I’ve been successfully overcoming the need to work it in PostEditChangeProperty, but i can’t ignore it anymore.

I’m pretty much sure I’m missing something and frame doesn’t actually get updated once called within the PostEditChangeProperty.

Thanks in advance guys!

Or, probably, reference frame is being returned to it’s original value in the same PostEditChangeProperty, since it’s what PostEditChangeProperty of the constraint component does…