Constantly streaming textures?

I’ve been working on a scene for a couple of days, and after the first couple of hours, all of the necessary assets were placed in the level, and no material or texture changes have taken place. I’m onto a detail pass, and all of a sudden, I’m seeing “Streaming Textures” constantly - it hangs around 460 or so, decrementing or incrementing a little based on where I am looking.

Even stranger, the camera can be completely stationary and my materials are going absolutely nuts - cycling through normal resolution mips to ultra-low resolution mip maps. This behavior continues even on low settings with low quality textures enabled. I’m still pulling 120fps on my GTX 970, so I don’t think I’m saturating my VRAM.

Does anyone have an idea why this might be happening?

So I (kind of) was able to resolve this by disabling texture streaming and restarting the editor. Everything appears as it should (woot!), but I’ve obviously taken a performance hit since textures are no longer being streamed - from ~120fps to ~100fps. It might not seem like a huge deal, but it’s a 17% hit that seems honestly superfluous. I’m leaving this as a potential resource for folks who may run into this in the future. Not optimal, but a fix.