Constant Crashing When Exiting VR Preview Mode + Active Media Player in the level


Note: Also reproducible in 4.16

Reproducible from specific project and from empty project.

I am using the HTC Vive as my HMD + SteamVR as interface between UE4 and HMD.

Whenever there is an active MediaPlayer somewhere in the level, and I exit VR Preview mode, there is a 50% chance that the editor will completely crash. When it crashes, no Crash Report is generated. I have tried searching for logs but am unable to find any.

To reproduce this bug:

  1. Create a new blank project.
  2. Create a working media player mapped onto a plane or sphere in the level.
  3. Enter VR Preview mode with the HTC Vive.
  4. Exit VR Preview mode.
  5. Crash.
  6. If no crash, repeat open and close VR Preivew mode at least ten more times. (I never made it past 10 without it crashing).

Seems like the issue does not occur anymore in 4.18