Constant 3Vector - RGB color


I really need to produce some colors in RGB color space within the material editor. Using the Constant 3Vector it only outputs colors in sRGB space. Is there something I can do?


Vector parameter won’t work for you?

Use a power node with value of .454545? As far as I know its not 100% correct but close enough that you shouldn’t be able to see a difference.

@Umberto, I am using a vector. That’s mentioned in the title too.


Edit: Solved.

Yup, thats the way to do it if you want to convert linear -> sRGB. Your original question was how to convert sRGB -> linear, or did I understand it wrong?

Anyways, the correct gamma when converting is 2.2 (not 2.19).

I did ask about converting sRGB to linear RGB. And that’s what I achieved really. :slight_smile:
2.2 gives a small percent difference. 2.19 is exactly the same hex if you color pick and check in photoshop.