Consolidated resource for conversion of DK2/CV1 projects to Vive/GearVR/Android VR etc?

Hi all

This may sound a little lazy but are there any threads/sites/wikis that offers a quick guide to help package existing DK2 or CV1 projects to:

  • Vive
  • Gear VR
  • Cardboard /other android equivalent apps
  • Steam VR blue prints integration
  • and so on

I could find loose guides (adding Vive support is ‘easy’ enough), but the majority of the documentation is actually on how to start developing for the above instead of ‘converting’ (which I assume will be easier).

Any comments? Something like “a 5 minutes guide to convert your DK2 project to include gearVR support” x(other VR devices) will be absolutely fantastic.

I second this project. Furthermore, would it be possible to have an idiot-proof to how to create character for the Vive and the Rift for 4.11?
There is contradictary infos here and the manual is out of date since 4.I11
I know it’s simple but it would save us hours! Thanks to all devs here!!

Starting a new project and was going to document / record various things about development. One of the things I’ll (try) to go over is using the sensor data and platform name to check if you’re using a Vive / Rift - unless there is a better way of doing it that I haven’t found yet?