Console command sg.TextureQuality doesnt change anything

i want be able to change the quality of textures at run time I watched a tutorial and they said to use execute console command node to change the texture quality I tried it and it didn’t do anything. what should I do?

Hi, from the docs:

The effect of this feature is heavily dependent on your game and hardware. If you do not have many textures, to the point where loading and using the full resolution mip maps does not use all of the memory pool Unreal Engine 4 has devoted to textures, you will not actually see a difference between high and low settings (outside of the change to the Anisotropy settings).

What you’re changing with that is your texture streaming pool size and anisotropy. If you’re below the max texture streaming pool size, you won’t see any difference from that. As for anisotropy take a large plane and look at it at a flat angle. Then you should see some differences.

so u saying there is no way to reduce texture resolution at run time with some console commands regardless of how strong the hardware is?

well it doesnt matter how i just wanna be able to reduce texture resolution depending on the settings like 2k to 1k or even lower 512kb without resizing every single texture

r.MipMapLODBias N
Where N = 0-13
Each number higher is a MipMap level, changing 4k to 2k and so on. It’s global so at level 2 if you have a 1k texture it will take it to 256x256 but a 4k will go to 1k

this didn’t improve fps at all. it just made everything look like ■■■■

You asked about texture quality, a setting that’s used for people with video cards with smaller amounts of memory, not once did you mention performance. Texture size only affects GPU ram. This is EXACTLY what you asked for. If you want more performance, there are plenty of settings in the engine without needing console commands, and you can always optimise meshes/code.