Consequences of the high level of detail of the game and multiplayer/coop?

Folks, can I add a high level of detail in a game (high density foliage, great textures, many NPCs, open world) and add multiplayer/coop?

  • 1) Does it have serious consequences?
  • 2) Will I have to reduce the level of detail to maintain multiplayer / coop?
  • 3) Can a dedicated server help?
  • 4) What are the problems and why?

If you can send me some links so I can study this, thanks.

Thank you and I hope!

For the most part the questions have one answer, the higher detail the worse the performance, bad performance is a very serious consequence, so you would have to pay particular attention to optimization early on to get the best performance, otherwise you end stripping your game in exchange for performance. There’s plenty of multiplayer games out there with high levels of detail and very large worlds, e.g battlefield or the division. But remember that The Division looked better while it was in development than when it was released because they wanted the game to perform as well as possible across all platforms.

Concerning dedicated servers there are plenty of reasons why people use those and it can probably help avoid lag in a multiplayer game, you can read this Fortnite thread for more info on why dedicated servers are used Fortnite de Epic Games

Thank you for answering, brother! So basically what you wanted to say is that, if I do everything is right and optimized I can rather have a rich game in detail and allow multiplayer.

Yes but just know that its a lot more difficult than it sounds, especially in a multiplayer environment. In UE4 things like Level Streaming, World Composition and LOD’s will help a lot, the current game I’m working on is not multiplayer but it looks and performs a whole lot better than my first 1 thanks to World Composition and LOD’s.

Level Streaming, World Composition and LOD’s. Ok, thanks brother! I’m going to study this elements that you passed.