Connecting my HUD with a day-night system

Hello everyone!

I’d like to create a day-night cycle controlled by buttons in my HUD. My purpose is to have constantly shown buttons that you can press in-screen to change light-time and also the lights featured in the project (changing its intensity to adapt to the light-time). Which of the following you think it’s the best option:

  • With blueprints:
    In that case, I have been able to create a day-night loop system that constantly changes (you can check it in images). But I would need to connect it to the HUD buttons, and also creating the blueprint that modifies other lights’ intensities.

  • With matinee/cinematics
    I have been able to get an animation of the directional light, but not one from the BP_Sky_sphere. I think it gets more complex following that option.

  • Creating two separate maps with same geometry but different lights (one for daytime and another one for nightime), and an animation between them to change day/night. ¿Is that even possible?

In any case, I have problems connecting the buttons in my HUD with anything, so any advice will be great.

Thank you all in advance!

Try looking at:

I guess casting would be the simplest and applicable to your use case.