Connecting game to outside server

Hello, everyone. We are currently developing a game that features farm building. We have in-game wallets that provides money for our players which they can use in the game. User login is also included. We plan to have our players install the game within their PC and once they open it, it will then contact to the server and database.

We are currently developing a admin dashboard that tracks each player’s in-game wallet as well as the user database. We plan to sync it with the same values in-game.

However, we are not sure how we will be able to launch the game if our are using an outisde server - specifically AWS. Do we need a special AWS server like Gamelift? How will we connect the database when we are using MySQL to storr the data?

What will be our best and cost-effecient approach for this and plugins that we may need to purchase?

I appreciate all your help.