Confused with (Experimental) Procedural Foliage Tool

Unable to Spawn Instances: Please ensure a large enough surface exists within volume!!!

I get this message a lot when I am trying to simulate my foliage. I am unable to get a clear understanding of whats causing it. It seems to make sense but when I bring the density of my trees down to a very low amount I am getting this message. Can anyone offer any guidance?


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Did you find a solution?

I also have this exact same problem :frowning:

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Any solution?


Going through a course where this is being taught. It was working. Rebooted computer. Came back into UE. My level was completely wiped out. All I had in the scene was the typical default stuff and my Foliage Spawner. Terrain was gone. Created a new level, deleted the old one, tried to use the spawner and still getting this same message.