Confused by the Voronoi noise (vector, wrong position?)

I’m trying to achieve this from 4.14 features list, only with single-color polygons (instead of having gradient), and it seems that the default functionality is very close to what I need, however it shows two edges in red and green with rest of the field in yellow (pictured below, TexCoord Tiling is set to 10x10)

It’s from a mix of 2D coordinates with 0 (vertical is 0,1,0 - green, horizontal is 1,0,0 - red, where they combine I get 1,1,0 - yellow), but I have no idea how to fill it with a combination of random colors. Anyone can guide me in a right direction?


Use a texture with random colors for each pixel, not compressed. May it, say, 16x16 pixels.
Set the filtering mode to nearest-neighbor (not linear or mipmap or anisotropic.)
Look up a color in this texture using the output of the “vector noise” function as UV coordinates.

Very clever idea. Worked great, thank you!

You can also just pipe the output if your VectorNoise:Voronoi into another VectorNoise:Cellular. This is how Marc made the example image you posted.

You may want to put a multiplier on the results of the 1st node before feeding into the second one, that way you can shift the random pattern around.