Confused by the "Using Dual Normals with Clear Coat" UE tutorial

Using Dual Normals with Clear Coat

Scroll down to the “Using the Dual - Normal Clear Coat option” point 6

I feel like I totally missed something, because in the whole tutorial there’s no mention of ClearCoatBottomNormal, until suddenly it appears… feels almost like the owl tutorial.

How do I add it and what should it be?

When in the material editor pull up the search panel for the nodes and type in “ClearCoat” and the first and only node that comes up is “ClearCoatNormalCustomOutput”. Select this node. When it’s added to the graph it’ll be listed as “ClearCoatBottomNormal” on the node.

I’ll make an adjustment to the doc to make this clear for anyone else who runs into the issue.


Perfect! Thank you Tim!
It worked great.

Hi, I am wondering if there is some way to get the dual normals to work with material functions. It seems like sience the dual normal is not a regular material input, it isn´t passed on to the function call inside the master material. Is there maybe a workaround?