Confused About Node Blend Modes

I see several node blend modes emulating layer blend modes in PhotoShop.

But I do not see node blend modes for the 2 most basic PS layer blend modes:
(1) Normal, and
(2) Multiply

How would you have a normal fade of 2 materials, as in a PS-Normal blend mode, or a darkening to emulate the way PS-Multiply blend mode works?

(ie - If I use ‘Darken’ or some variant of ‘Burn’, I get a color change in the return, which I don’t want, and so if I was using PS I would have used Normal or Multiply blend modes.)

Thanks! :rolleyes:

There’s a multiply and lerp node, they are separate from the blend modes, but do the same thing.

Oh my goodness…I Love You!
Multiply is like Multiply-Blend, and Linear Interpolate is like Normal-Blend

Thanks so much! :):):slight_smile:

Glad you figured it out, but I’d also like to point out something about the burning effect where it was changing colors: That’s how any multiply/divide or dodge/burn blend mode is going to work because it does the math per channel.

Let’s say you have two colors that you want to multiply together:
0,128,255 and 255,128,0
Their 0-1 ranges would be 0,0.5,1 and 1,0.5,0.

Multiplied together: 0x1, 0.5x0.5, 1x0

Final color would be 0,0.25,0

So you’d start at a medium blue x medium orange and end with a dark green.

Wish it was as simple as other renders. Hehe