"Configure for deployment to Daydream" is missing on both 4.13 & 4.14

As per the tutorial on, there should be a checkbox for “Configure for deployment to Daydream”.

However, in complied UE4 for Daydream fetched from GitHub, there is no such an option.

Yeah that was removed after 4.13. Now all you got to do is have the googlevr and googlevr controller plugins activated and it will automatically always build for Daydream or Cardboard (depending what you have selected from the drop down). Personally I don’t like this since if you want to export for gearvr afterwards you need to deselect the plugins and restart the project beforehand (rather than just changing checkboxes). Why it wasn’t kept consistent with the gearvr export workflow we all wonder? :smiley:

Thanks for replying, AussieBurger. Here I’ve got some questions. Please kindly help me, thanks in advance.

  1. Should I use CodeWorks for Android 1R5 instead of 1R4u2?
  2. Is 4.14 UE4 for Google VR more stable than 4.13 UE4 for GoogleVR?
  3. If only package for Daydream, must I uncheck all other VR options like for Oculus, Gear VR, Steam VR and OSVR?
  1. I used codeworks 1R5. Remember to install android 24 afterwards via the SDK manager! (it is not installed by default and is required for the submission process)
  2. Do you mean the epic branches or the googlevr source branches? If Epic then 4.14 is a bit better but only 4.15 contains everything from the googlevr branch. If googlevr then I think they are pretty equal. (I used 4.14 googlevr branch before switching to 4.15 epic branch when it came out)
  3. No the Daydream plugin overrides them all - but doesn’t hurt to uncheck them either.