Conditional Replication within UStruct Properties?

A bit of a dummy question today but is there a way to declare conditional replication for UProperties inside UStructs? At the moment I understand that only NotReplicated specifiers are natively supported.

How could this be worked around?
An example is that in my Ustruct, I have an enumerator variable and I would like a variable to only need replication when this value is Specifically this or that. I know I can do that if I declare that within a class using

but I’m wondering if anything of that sort can be specified when working under the ustructs framework. The data I’m referring to would not impose much data bandwidth consumption but I would like to optimize consumption as much as I can.

Note: The reason why I’m doing this in a Ustruct is that I’m using the Ustruct as a functionality template holder that would be easily implemented in any potential class.

Hello, i have the same problem, did you found a solution? Cheers