COND_CUSTOM - PreReplication - How is it working?


I want to share the Life between all actors that are in the same team.

As of today, my life property is managed with COND_OwnerOnly, I want to change to COND_CUSTOM and manage the replication within PreReplication.
But, I don’t know how to determine to “who” the data will be sent in PreReplication to know if I should replicate it or not.

Thanks for your help,

You can find the full answer Here

quick answer: By default, the COND_CUSTOM is not per connection. It just allow you to send or not the replicated data based on custom algorythim but not to choose the connection on which the data will be replicated.

any update on this? seems pretty useful to reduce network traffic so I’d be interested

thanks, I had just found that thread and was reading through it.

having a hard time understanding why it not being per connection is such an issue, and why it wouldn’t allow you to prevent the data from being sent to the other team