Conan Exiles Mod Editor - Feb 16th - Live From Epic HQ!

Conan Exiles was just released to early access and is already providing an awesome Mod Editor right in the Epic Games launcher! Funcom’s Community Manager, Andy Benditt, will be joining us to show off the game, mess with the mod tools and conquer the Epic Games livestream studio. You can download it right now and start building a barbaric world of your own!

Thursday, Feb 16th @ 2:00PM ET Countdown]


Alexander Paschall - Community Manager, Epic Games - @UnrealAlexander](
Andy Benditt - Community Manager, Funcom - @AndyBenditt](

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WEW LADS! 1st!

Question: Any plants to upgrade from UE4 4.12 to a newer version of the engine like 4.15 ?

Is necessary to have a digital copy of the game to be able to mod?

From watching the stream…

I’m simply curious as to the possibility to add new material/media into a mod rather than just using existing functionality?

I feel DOTA and other MOBAs and mobile tower defense games were an offshoot of Warcraft III modding and in that way support modding. However I have read and do reiterate that the now availability of UE4 as a solid game development engine it is possible for me to create a Conan Exiles mod that really isn’t Conan Exiles but instead my own game skin and functionality. At that point I could promote my game using Conan Exiles potentially, no? (similar logic for Arc: Survival)

My own personal preference would be to start from scratch for both the learning and not needing to be convoluted in learning Conan Exiles’ mods, however at the moment I acknowledge this as a possibility.

Am I mistaken?

At the moment I think of making a mod of your own game more as a marketing strategy since as I proposed, I’m more interested in the ground up and having my own separate installer/game. But to reiterate and re-word, I do not see a stop to creating a demo of a different game as a mod to an existing (i.e. Conan Exiles). To simplify my logic here, Conan looks like it could simply be a mod to Arc: Survival (though I know little of both games).

Thanks for the stream.