Compute Skincache : Physics driven Clothing

Hello fellow Unreal devs,

Just loaded 4.23 to check if it was an adressed issue or not as it’s also happening in 4.22, but using Compute Skincache seems to create issues with simulated clothes.

You can pick any Paragon character with clothing - Twinblast in my example, and notice glitchy clothing behavior.

Is this a known limitation or am i missing something? Any tips to adress this?

Did you found a solution or did it simply disappear?

Are you talking about the clipping?
I ended up removing the hidden part of the mesh and rigging the cloth so it doesn’t lift to where the mesh was removed…

I didn’t find a solution for this, not sure i would call it clipping, it seems the whole cloth position end up offsetted overtime.

If you found a solution for this i’ll be grateful if you could share it ^^. What do you mean by hidden part of the mesh? Twinblast back, or the cloth inner mesh given there’s any?

Twinblast’s back essentially. (Wasn’t TwinBlast in my case, but same diff).

I would just rig the cloth lower to be honest. The back side shouldn’t move as much as it does in your vid in the first place.

Basically it needs a progressive stiffness and instead it looks like its going from stiff to follow completely in a very short amount of space…

I’m not sure the issue is the cloth skin weights as it works fine when compute skincache is off.

Exactly the same issue here (4.23). Everything works fine without compute skincache, and when it’s on, the cloth just decides to lag behind the model. It’s literally always one frame behind. I don’t know if this is a bug or there is something else you have to change in the settings.
Anyway, it’s really frustrating because for example you can’t use ray tracing with cloth on a character, or a nice recompute tangents feature.

Bump on this thread. The cloth tool is totally broken in 4.24. Cloth is definitely delayed behind the animation and you can’t repaint it or delete your cloth sections. Repainting doesn’t do anything and deleting crashes the editor.

Having this issue as well. It lags behind my character and with the fast moving speed of the flying character I have, it is very extreme.

Same problem! Will it be fixed?

Haven’t checked if it’s still there in 4.25