compression settings for packed textures

Hello everyone

OK so i have a texture in which i store different masks in different chanels RGBA
R,G - for normal map
B- roughness
A- for ambient occlusion

my question is if when texture is imported it automatically gives me normal map compression (sRGB unticket) is that compression ok or should i be using masks compression instead?

Thank you in advance

masks are generally black/white images.
Set the compression to generic/standard and disable SRGB.


if you are storing a normal map in R & G you will need to normalize these two channels inside the material, and besides needing more instructions, the non-normal map compression will make the normal map look ugly as hell.
This might be fine in some cases, but generally nowadays we tend to avoid packing normal maps alternatively.

Additionally, RGB combined takes up as much space as the Alpha alone… so you are not only wasting space by adding that AO, by trying to combine normal/roughness/AO, the performance gain is so low… its just a waste of time to make your workflow adhere to this setup.

hi, yeah i actually fixed issue i had (at least i think so since i cant see anything wrong with the result)

i used packed texture RGBA imported with “masks” compression and then kinda “fixed” R and G channel to create normal map (based on that thread: Using normalmap blue channel for greyscale mask issue - Asset Creation - Epic Developer Community Forums)

as for the resource size wise the difference is small but noticeable (around 1-3MB) but in the end it will add up

thanks for the help anyway

unless you are going for mobile, by the time your latest decently made project is done most gpu’s will have 8-16gb of ram.

even with a thousand textures saving 1-3 mb is only 1 to 3 gb.
and unless you load everything at once (never gonna happen)…
Again, not worth the workflow time.

kudo’s for wanting to optimize, but its better to optimize framerate than save a few mb’s.

just my 2 cents on the matter.

anyways, if my question was satisfactory be sure to set it to accepted.